Saturday, 4 December 2010

Hour #12 : Saving Love Letters

"Through Kurt I saw the beauty of minimalism and the importance of music that's stripped down."
Dave Grohl

Came across two boxes full of letters / cards / poems / photos / notebooks etc from past loves.

There is nothing more personal than a heartfelt passage of words presented as an offer of connection and openness. Made my heart feel a little lighter and my soul was touched by how deep some of the feelings were.

It also brought up the question of whether to keep or recycle.

For me it's a simple answer : keep.

There is nothing more minimal than love expressed. The intent. The need. The beauty. The importance to cherish (even though it could've ended badly) the sweet manifestations of this emotion.

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  1. This is all very romantic and would make a great inciting incident for a screenplay. Let me know if you need a co-writer.

  2. Michelle - my whole love life would be a confusing screenplay ;-)

  3. DK -- my whole love life would be a comedic screenplay. We could springboard from our confusingly comedic experiences and create one hell of a romantic comedy. I just hope Nora Ephron doesn't read this and steal our idea. ;-)

  4. DK,

    Have you considered scanning them? My mother died last year and I donated all of her stuff, but kept all of her boxes of pictures. I'm in the process of scanning them with a handheld digital scanner that I found on amazon for $60. It serves two purposes: 1) I won't have boxes of pictures laying around taking up space, and 2) All of my files on my MacBook are backed up online so they could never get lost in a fire or natural disaster.

    Take care,


  5. Josh - thanks for stopping by and offering your thoughts. Sympathies on your mothers passing.

    Did think of digitising the love letters and after I've gotten to a point where the majority of clutter has gone will definitely revisit.

  6. A very late response to this post (just found the blog from Minimalist Packrat's minimalist blogger list), but I wanted to share a different perspective on the awesome chain of events that occurred when I recycled a whole file about my ex!

  7. Liina - thanks for the comment and sharing your story :-)