Friday, 3 December 2010

Decluttering : Exploring A Minimalist Lifestyle

“This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had.”
Steve Jobs

After spending over ten hours decluttering my life thought it was a perfect opportunity to take stock, reflect a little and share some thoughts on the journey so far.

My personal reasons have not shifted and if anything, a number 8. could be added : it's starting to feel good.

Looking around there's so much more to file / donate / sell / bin / recycle etc but already the load is feeling lighter, the rooms are looking cleaner, the cupboards are looking barer, I am feeling freer.

Even though it seems the 100 hours set aside to complete the task is a tad generous, I still believe even if all the clutter from my life is banished the remaining time will be focussed on sharing / maintaining / honing the skills learnt.

The biggest challenge is ahead, that of decluttering my workload and digital life (even though I've made a start).

A big thanks must go to those voices out there who are providing guidance and insights through their offerings (check out the Inspiration page for a growing list).

I'm still waiting for that 'pang of loss'—the realisation something discarded is important—although it's yet to come and don't think it will arrive at all. Onwards.


  1. The pang of loss does come. But very, very occasionally. And it's more from a practical point of view than a sentimental one. In other words, you might miss that special tool that you were keeping "just in case" when you suddenly find yourself needing it, rather than missing a little trinket you were keeping from an old girlfriend.

    I say this from experience of some pretty brutal "culls" having moved house a few times in the last few years. But even so, it's scary how quickly you accumulate stuff if you're not vigilant!

  2. Neil - appreciate your words and insights. It's the last line about how quickly we accumulate stuff which definitely needs my attention over the coming months...

  3. and as you declutter you find that stuff that you lost long ago...

  4. Darin - certainly coming across much of that stuff but suddenly realising how little I needed it all (and didn't even knew I had it in the first place) ;-)

  5. I have never experienced the pang of loss DK. I don't think it will happen if you are truly ridding yourself of what you don't need and not just hurriedly chucking stuff out.

    ... you never stop becoming a minimalist you know. You can think that you're one 'officially' and something new comes into the picture. It is a journey as long as life itself, so take your time. You won't throw away precious / useful things if you just chill, take your time and enjoy ALL aspects of the journey. The planning, the binning, the decluttering, the results...everything.

  6. Pea - appreciate your time / thoughts / insights. You have a nice site (don't know if you were aware though but all your links open up in a new window - which is not very minimal - hehe) ;-)

  7. Ah, dear DK not minimal but thoughtful. I was thinking about my guest's navigation with that particular choice, (which indeed might be a wrong choice) and if I got more comments about it I'd change it ...I'm open - it's not a problem!

    I myself have been moseying amongst your material - very similar thoughts (and images!) there. Me likey!

  8. Pea - trust your readers to know where the back button is ;-)

  9. Thank you DK. I will certainly look into it.