Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hour#4 : Reading Time

Was questioning whether this was legitimate time I could log as part of my 100 hour challenge to declutter my life and decided it was.

So here's some articles, blog posts, ebooks, videos etc I've been devouring to assist in my task:


  1. Thanks for the plug!

    Just keep hold of some kitchen utensils until Friday, at least, right...?


  2. Loving this Blog dude.
    I know you probably have seen this but
    is good too

  3. NC - no worries :-)

    MB - thanks for checking it out, regarding 4hour, yes I've seen but thanks for thinking of me sir.

  4. You're inspiring! -Vici in Vienna

  5. Vici - thank you although I beg to differ. Hope to visit you there one day just so I can relive some of the scenes from one of my favourite films of all time, Before Sunrise...